"First of all we would like to dedicate our restaurants to our beloved father Mr Dildar Ahmed Chaudhry"

Country of dreams in the rains of colors, Pakistan and India are true cultural treasures.

They are overflowing with sumptuous palaces where the maharajas used to live.

The word "Maha" meaning "great" and "Raja" "king"

The maharajas were therefore the kings of kings.

Living in total luxury.

Our restaurants are inspired by their way of life so that every client feels like a Maharaja.

Sitting on chairs in the form of thrones, you will be welcomed in a warm atmosphere.

All our decorations were imported directly from Pakistan.

Chairs and tables were designed by Mr Ali Chaudhry and hand-crafted by Pakistani craftsmen.

If you want great food with great service, then you are in the right place. Here we try to catch the true spirit of Pakistan and India.

We offer you the best Indo-Pakistani buffet with fresh and certified Halal ingredients.

Our cooking method is the famous Tandoor oven.

We prepare on it our delicious naan.

In each of our restaurants you will have the pleasure to see and taste our famous grills grilled with charcoal.

We also provide cathering services for all your events (wedding, birthday party, ....).

We welcome all kind of tourist groups and provide them Jain food, veg, or non-veg food.